Loïc Nagashima finally brings successor of ‘ Rhythm Inside ‘ from

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Million Eyes, that is the title of the long-awaited new single of our Eurovision pride Loïc Nagashima. Fans have been waiting for over a year on new work by the young man. This new single is the harbinger of his first record. That cd only comes out in the spring of 2017.

He brought Rhythm Inside out on single, scored with the same song in the Eurovision song contest by 2015 in Vienna, won soon after the popular tv show Danse avec les Stars in France and disappeared from the spotlight. The career of Loïc Nagashima knew right away there came a blizstart, yet never new releases that would make him even more popular. Loïc knew no hurry and wanted to dig into the studio.

Debut record is for spring of 2017

Via different messages on social media fans came to know Nagashima still was working on an album. To all those shots are probably behind it. New single Million Eyes is the first result that he let loose on us. The singer chose again for a song with an original sound. Million Eyes sounds like a modern pop ballad. You can download the successor of Rhythm Inside online via iTunes or stream through, for example, Deezer.

He again took a ‘ dark and dark ‘ video clip on that melancholy seems to be his trademark. By waiting so long to release new music the singer now runs the risk that this new single not immediately will find its way to the radios and charts.


Meanwhile, he remains popular in France. Different music websites and the Web page of Danse avec les Stars already reported about his new release. Meanwhile, it continues to wait for that debut record. That is coming up in the spring of 2017. It will be a ‘ concept album, ‘ in which the various songs on the album will tell a whole story. The future will also have to show if and when Loïc Nagashima will go on tour with his new music.

We placed a picture of the cover on our page on instagram!