Eurovision winner Corry Brokken d.

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Sad news from Netherlands: singer Corry Brokken (in the middle on the picture) is deceased. She took part in the Eurovision song contest three times and made also the first Dutch victory in the contest ever. (Photo: Reuters)

Corry Brokken died at 83 years of age. Her daughter confirmed the news showbiz tonight to the Dutch program RTL Boulevard. In the Netherlands she was already by the early 1950s a familiar face on the Dutch radio and television.

For Eurovision fans she is of course best known for her three entries to the contest. In 1956 she recorded together with Jetty Paerl part in the very first Eurovision Song Contest with the song gone forever. Apart from the winner, and the exact results were not published so we don’t know how the Banks fared in its first attempt. Is certain is that they immediately gold picked up at her second attempt, a year later: in 1957 she wrote the second Eurovision song contest ever on her name. Just like when convinced most of the jury members and won. A year later she took part for the third consecutive time, but with the whole world shared, she finished last. Corry Brokken, making it the only singer ever to both first and last.

The singer returned again several times back to the Eurovision song contest, but then in other capacities. In 1976 found the contest held in the Hague and if Chunks the presentation on. Finally, she gave the results of the Dutch jury in 1997 by during the voting.

Corry Brokken was not silent next to her Eurovision entries and other media appearances. In the 60 ‘s sent them rights and began a private practice with a fellow student. In 1990 she was appointed criminal courts. In 2008 the Dutch already felled by a major stroke, but that she was after a long battle still come through. This time turned out to be the hit too heavy.

Her winning Eurovision Song, just like when: