Loïc Nagashima: ‘ return with something personal was a must ‘

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Loïc Nagashima is back and he’s better than ever with his brand new and long-awaited single Million Eyes. His huge power vocals know countless listeners to be surprised again. The song is well stocked with thoughts and personal feelings that are transmitted through the rather heavy and emotional text. The fact that we had to wait so long for this number, here has everything to do with it. We knew to Loïc bows for an interview, in which he everything for us and for you. (La version originale en français sur ce lien)

‘ I was very surprised with the success of the single because I’m someone who rather pessimistic set. ‘, according to Loïc. ‘ I’d rather take that it will be not good, to then end up pleasantly surprised. At Million Eyes was that certainly the case. It made me very great pleasure to see that there are still so many people were interested, even after I needed time for more than a year. ‘

‘ I had that time to figure out what I really wanted to show to the public. I had to come back to myself to my own world and thoughts to be able to explore a little better. Return with something personal was a must. I didn’t want to come up with a song without meaning and I needed time to think about this. ‘

A personal touch

Loïc wants to tag clearly a personal message. It is especially on that there is a bleak and emotionally charged atmosphere through it is braided. That has a clear link with the message that Loïc wants to convey. ‘ I want In Million Eyes focus on the fact that there is criticism and judge struck down too fast. When as a child I went to school, the boys had the habit to play football during the playing time, while I prefer wild dancing. Did that quick judgements and criticism. I guess these things me as a child in one way or another, have hit. But I am sure that that is what has made me strong. ‘

‘ I mainly need to the fact that people who listen to my music would get to know me a little better. I also try to process this thought in my choreography. On several moments in the clip I keep my hands in front of my face. I am trying to protect me against flashes, looks and the many eyes that can look down on me. I also repeatedly let me fall into the water as if my body is pressed down. These visualizations embody all the people who want to suppress us in everything we do. In the end, the black and white decor also swapped for color. I would like to show that I get out of this dark scenario step and the criticisms and judgments overcome. ‘

Flanders vs. Wallonia

‘ To my success in Flanders, I would love to come often occur and the Flemish listeners and fans want to meet. That way I try my music up to with the Dutch-speaking side of our country. If it’s on differences with the Walloon side arrives, I actually have the impression that my numbers are immediately welcomed with open arms on both sides, and that makes me fun. Since the Flemings did not know me in the beginning, I feared would not really Rhythm Inside . In the end that is all good and I was pleasantly surprised. I would therefore say that the dedication and interest of the both sides equivalent is. ‘

A return?

Many of us would be very enthusiastic about a return of Loïc on the Eurovision stage. Unfortunately, Million Eyes not in Kiev, as the singer his own way wants to go further. ‘ I love generally very new experiences and of the unknown. The contest was a huge, unprecedented challenge where I keep a very good memory of about. I would, however, like to keep it there at the moment. I have now especially need other things like figuring out of my own way and see where I will land. Therefore, in order to answer the question or I would again like to participate: not now. But within a few years, why not? I would like to recommend to everyone if the opportunity presents itself. I am quite strong came true and it was a fantastic experience. ”

Return or not, we assume that he will represent the future number that our country will give a listen, whatever he Tesoro’s number What’s the Pressure with Laura did. ‘ I have the song festival this year not really able to follow as I press it had with my participation in Danse avec les Stars (the French version of stars on the dance floor, red.) I have the song by Laura Tesoro, however, listened to, and I found it a lot of fun and festive number. According to me it was thereby also ideally suited for the competition, since events and having fun at the song contest. In the end everyone there also back to have fun! ‘

What does the future hold?

‘ We are now going to release the album first and see how that goes. I would also very much like to bring concerts in which I can combine dance and song. I don’t know if that one is that I want to do for the rest of my life, but that is how I see my project in mind at this time. ‘

(Photo: Zeb Daemen)