Ruslana: Axel Hirsoux ’ ‘ Defeat was big mistake!

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The Ukrainian was in 2014 juror in our Flemish for round eurosong. She was an ardent fan of Axel Hirsoux and praised him to the skies. We asked her what she now actually has to say about the bad result of Mother in Copenhagen.

The winner of 2004 was in the backstage of the Eurovision Gala in Luxembourg back her cheerful self and smoked as usual the peace pipe. In our video interview with Ruslana looks them back at eurosong 2014. ‘ The bad result of Axel was a big mistake. It is not at all to him, but to the allocation of points. I love his voice and would feel free to recorda song with him! ‘, says Ruslana against our reporter Philip.

She has also still about her musical plans, as well as the situation in Ukraine. ‘ If I can help my country, I feel free to again take part in the Eurovision Song Contest ‘, she decides.

Our full video interview with Ruslana: