Junior 2016


JESC Russia keeps heat in the Crimea

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The Russian State broadcaster late in a press release that they the appropriate candidate for the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest will choose in the Crimea, officially Ukrainian territory that was annexed by Russia two years ago.

Russia confirms its participation in the JESC 2016, that on Sunday 20 november on the island of Malta. The national final will take place on 15 August and will be broadcast live on the Rusissche tv. Just like last year, jury and internet vote combined determine the outcome.

So far no problem, to show that the Russian broadcasting moved the location of the preliminary round this year has oorspronkelelijke of the Sochi to Artek, an international children’s camp in a village in the peninsula of Crimea, which is already two years long disputed territory between Russia and Ukraine. To complete the picture was to make the net the Ukrainian broadcaster in recent years at the same location for her round for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Since the Eurovision win of Ukraine two weeks back, the Russians seem to keep it to situations on. It is clear that the victory of 1944 Jamala’s about the deportation of Crimean Tatars in the 40 ‘s of the last century by the Soviets not appreciated on Russian territory.