Kiev 2017

KIEV 2017

Submission ‘ Gravity ‘ of Hamlet known on 1 March

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Hamlet Demirijan sings the song Gravity in Kiev, on 1 March follows the performance. The singer put the past few days on social media different hits online about the title of the Cypriot entry.

March 1, that is the day on which the official music video of the contribution of Cyprus will be proposed. Gravity is the title of the song. It was visited by fans themselves behind by the tips that Hamlet on social media. First appeared a race helmet, then a scientific formula and eventually some letters.

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Hamlet is currently working on recording the clip and with the preparation of the act we see in May. Emilios Abraham, who last year for the clip of Minus One, again, has the lead. A few weeks ago the singer traveled to Sweden to record his song, along with Tomas G: son. According to the latter is the song of Hamlet a danceable ballad …

Whats up? Working hard with this guy today!!! ✌? #soexcited #eurovision2017

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