Kiev 2017

KIEV 2017

Broadcaster sends Jacques Houdek to Kyiv with ‘ My Friend ‘

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According to media in Croatia has already made a choice broadcaster HRT for the Eurovision song contest by 2017. They reported that in november 2016 the broadcaster confirmed now that they have decided to internally popular singer Jacques Houdek to Ukraine. Houdek want long been like to participate in the song contest. He took part in several times, namely the Croatian for round. His entry is called My Friend and is already fully.

24sata, the website that first published the news in november 2016, had it so right: Jacques Houdek sings next year for Croatia. The deal is all the way around and the song of Houdek would be one of the next few weeks out. The song is called My Friend. It was going to be a ballad where he co-wrote. After the first rumors claimed the manager of Jacques that he ‘ knew nothing about it ‘. It is clear that choice at that time so still had to remain top secret . His song for Kiev, where the singer itself to co-wrote, is meanwhile announced:


Motivated candidate, but homophobic?

The broadcaster of Croatia choose so Jacques Houdek. They send someone who is highly motivated to go to the Eurovision Song Contest. The corpulent singer took in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 each part in Dora, when the national selection. In 2011 he came back one more time. Then he was second behind Daria Kinzer. Starting from 2012 for the round was abolished.

Houdek is a popular singer in his home country. He was coach in the first season of The Voice. In the program, he was the coach of … Nina Kraljić. She graduated this year in Stockholm place 23 in the final and ‘ won ‘ the Barbara Dex Award for worst dressed act. Now he effectively chosen by HRT he goes for dress code so better not drop by his pupil …

Here and there did the indication of the singer (and the title of his song) all eyebrows frown. On the website of Zagreb Pride indicates that Houdek perhaps the biggest homophobe is in showbiz. Abubakar was in 2005 according to him slip that LGBT people are not equal to heterosexuals. It would bring the world back to sodomy (that are sinful, forbidden sexual contacts) and he sees homosexuality as a disease. He is clearly not ‘ the friend‘ of all.