first number for Kiev is chosen

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Tonight was the first song for Eurovision in Albania by 2017. Lindita H will represent the country with the song Botë. Not long after her victory left the singer already know the song and a new English-language version will get for Kiev.

Just as during the semifinals started the show with a compilation of old Albanian for round numbers. In contrast to the half hour that was spent during the first two evenings took this now more than 45 minutes. Who then thought that the show would start then was going on for the effort, after an introduction by the extremely boring and uninterested presenters went the light in the room and nobody knew what happened right there. The public applauded several times what uncomfortable, but then the broadcast was interrupted and started the advertising that will be shown five minutes earlier was all over again.

Course of the evening

After this second break went it really take off, or maybe not?  The show was opened by Kenge E Vjeter Qytetare that the number performed the Moj E Bukur Arbëri . The viewer was then taken to the green room where the various artists interviewed were more than 20 minutes and then it was time for … the third commercial break of the evening.

Franc Koruni if the actual competition open and did this creditable with a jazzy number. The first five numbers followed each other then at high speed on, unfortunately not everyone brought his number equally pure. Also the Barbara Dex Award was not far off when Xhesika, one of the Favorites of the evening, the stage entered. After this first string of numbers it was then time for the next commercial break. Unfortunately was not followed by continued finishing the festival songs, but there was first an interval Act by the Albanian soprano Inva Mula,.

Flaka Kalombo if the second set of seven numbers open, but came rather noisy about it. After song number ten was of course again the time for advertising. A description of the dull and ridiculous third break act we will save you, fortunately, this ended with the last four numbers of the match. Such as the Albanians already quite the evening perishes, there were two commercial breaks, multiple visits to the gree room and get some interval acts, including a rock song on guitar, an opera-act from Bizet’s Carmen and an Albanian comedian, before the points finally be announced.

New version attendance

After a scoring with a lot of miscommunication by bad phone lines wins top favourite Lindita eventually the final. She will represent Albania in Kyiv with the song Botë. Via facebook dropped the singer know that her song will get a new, English-language version . Who will they bring in the Eurovision song contest in Ukraine. According to Lindita was her song originally in English but brought them during the national preliminary round an Albanian version of her song.

View the winning number here:

Dit is hem dan: de eerste song voor Kiev 2017! Kan dit een succes worden voor de Albanezen?<3 = gaat scoren!😡 = om snel te vergeten!

Geplaatst door op zaterdag 24 december 2016

All participants in the final:

Deelnemer(s)NummerVolgorde van optredenPunten vakjuryPunten publiekjuryPlaats
Franc KoruniMacka1
LorelaMe ty2
Xhesika PoloEva jam unë3
Fabiola Agalliu & Agnesa CavolliShkon e vjen5
Dilan RekaMos harro6
Lindita HalimiBota71
Flaka KrelaniS'dua t'flas8
Rezarta SmajaPse prite gjatë9
Edea DemaliajBesoj në ëndrra10
YII LimaniShiu11
Orges ToçeShi diamantësh13
Genc SalihuKëtu14