Song presentation on 8 March

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The Walloon public service broadcaster RTBF goes March 8, a press conference that the song will be released with which singer Blanche will represent our country in Kiev. That was confirmed to our editors. Blanche will also for the first time with the press talk.

On november 22, 2016 came the name of Blanche out as Belgian Eurovision candidate for 2017, but that was it. Until now. Because we can now announce that there will be a Press Conference March 8, on which the song of Blanche will be proposed. The same also happened with the song by Loïc Nagashima, that song was also announced at a press meeting. In particular, on March 10, 2015. RTBF, which this year is responsible for the Belgian participation in the Eurovision song contest, so for the same timing. In addition to Blanche Pierre Dumoulin will also be present to discuss his input.

What we already know about Belgian entry?

Blanche, who will perform in the first semifinal, has for her song worked with Pierre Dumoulin, the lead singer of the Group Roscoe. Record label [PIAS] brings the song from, Ellie signed a record deal. Rumors are that it is a alternative ballad would go.

Ellie Day did all out why they chose ‘ Blanche ‘ as stage name : ‘ There are called for so many singers Ellie! Blanche is just My third first name, it’s that simple, “she says. ‘ I stand at the beginning of my career and I start from a white sheet (‘ une page blanche ‘ in French). I sing in English, I would still like to add a French touch somewhere. We have such a beautiful language, but I have never Sung. With this special stage name there will always be a ‘ French vibe ‘ hang around me. And also, I find Blanche very nice sound. I wanted a new and unique name as a singer ‘, explains the young artist from. ‘

She gets quite a lot of support from her brother, singer Oliver Lord.