Sandra Kim occurs in the Icelandic finals

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The Icelandic news medium Vísir reports that none other than our own Sandra Kim will act as pauzeact in the national Eurovision final in Iceland.

After two semi-finals will take place on Saturday 20 February 2016 She ‘s the final place. Iceland made his debut in 1986, exactly 30 years ago, in the Eurovision Song Contest with the Group ICY. Who finished sixteenth at the Eurovision song contest in the Norwegian mountains with the song Gleðibankinn (‘ the bank of happiness ‘). One of the group members, Pálmi Gunnarsson, is this year in the race to his island to represent again.

And in the same year debut for Iceland Belgium also picked up his first and so far only Eurovision victory. The then 13-year-old Sandra Kim won convincingly with the classic J’aime la vie. Three decades later, she is by the Icelandic broadcaster RÚV recovered her winning song again.

Kim, her latest album in 2011 officially Calderone, releasete, Make Up.