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Cameron: ‘ even after brexit we continue to participate in Eurovision ‘

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According to the British Prime Minister David Cameron, there is no doubt and the United Kingdom also continues after a possible withdrawal from the European Union a full participating country to the Eurovision song contest.

One of the arguments of the pro-European camp was that the United Kingdom would no longer be after a brexit can take part in the Eurovision song contest. That sweeps David Cameron immediately table in the House of Commons, the main room of the British Parliament. ‘ It would be a pity that we would no longer take part in the Eurovision song contest, but even Israel and Azerbaijan – which is not in Europe-will have the chance to get involved, even Australia. I think we are safe ‘, it sounded so pretty.

Since the United Kingdom is a member of the EBU have fans so nothing to worry about and the country will also next year, even after a possible withdrawal from the European Union.

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