Listen to ‘ Real Thing ’ of Highway

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This year Montenegro is represented by the band Highway. The Group has its entry on Friday suggested.

In October, published as the Montegrijnse Highway songfestivalkandidaat. The group left earlier to know will sing in English, although that is not usual for them. Montenegro breaks a tradition, because the last three years sent the country every time songs in the Montenegrin, with the past two years a final place. The song is called, in all probability, Real Thing.

The band has recorded a video clip. The concept of the video will be similar to how the band will be on stage in Stockholm. ‘ Our band has a lot of energy and that we would like to show, along with some special effects, ‘ says group member Marko Pesic.

Click here to see the video clip:

Montenegro participates in the first semifinal and is not the only country that for rock singles in the Eurovision song contest. In the same semi is also the Group Minus One from Cyprus, in the second semifinal we find Nika Kokharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz from Georgia.