Douwe Bob inaugurates World War II victims

* Automatically translated *

Douwe Bob, the Dutch songfestivalkandidaat last year, will on Thursday 4 may pay tribute to people who lost their lives in the second world war.

He will sing two songs during the annual commemoration of the National Monument Westerbork. That begins with a silent procession. Afterwards during the ceremony Douwe de numbers will Pass It On and Fine Line play. ‘ It is a great honour that they have asked me to play on this important place ‘, says the singer to ‘ It does me a lot that they have asked me because of the content of my songs. ‘

Early this week the Dutchman won another Edison award for best pop album Fool Bar. The Edisons are the oldest music awards in Netherlands. The jury awarded Douwe Bob the award because they are impressed by the development that the young artist on short time going through.