Douwe Bob disappointed after eleventh place

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The Dutch believed long in a stunt victory in the Eurovision song contest, but Douwe Bob finished in eleventh place, just after Laura Tesoro.

Douwe Bob had more clearly presented of his participation in the Eurovision song contest. He went fully for profit, but had to content themselves with a place just outside the top 10. During the Eurovision broadcast he went still visiting commentators Jan Smit and Cornald Maas. “Here is the Messiah”, it sounded. Douwe Bob was there after all firmly convinced that he would bring the redemption after the Netherlands already by 1975 ago is that our northern neighbours won the Eurovision song contest.

After the Dutchman was in a dip and he refused interviews. “Douwe Bob is tired and disappointed and therefore wants to give no interviews. Sunday he is there again, “said press officer Eric Dekker by AVRO cable.

He was on arrival at his hotel in Stockholm as hero’s welcome.

Wakker worden met een elfde plek is een top prestatie. Douwe werd dan ook vannacht onder luid applaus opgewacht bij z'n hotel. Douwe, we zijn trots op je!

Geplaatst door RTL Boulevard op zondag 15 mei 2016