Sweden-Fans hurt after disappointing occur Loreen on Eurovision ‘ Cruise ‘

* Automatically translated *

Euphoria quickly sing and go. Loreen thought there get away during the Eurovision Cruise of OGAE Finland, but both its revellers as the Organization itself are anything but happy about the blitz visit of the Swedish Eurovision winner of 2012. The management of the singer says they have done just what is in the contract.

During the Eurovision Cruise last weekend, there were performances planned by Eurovision artists DQ, Donny Montell and jedward. There was much expected from the occurrence of the latter because they served as a main Act. Fans were very disappointed and even evil when it became apparent that Sandor of the stage disappeared after she had sung just one song, namely Euphoria. Afterwards she made no time with fans on the picture to go, while the other artists did. ‘ Loreen, your performance was terrible ‘ and ‘ you’ve got ‘ zones, were reproaching diva that the singer got thrown over them via social media.

Jouni Pihkakorpi, President of OGAE Finland, complained in a Finnish newspaper: ‘ Loreen was booked for a performance of 30 to 40 minutes, ‘ he says. According to the man they came only an hour in advance to know that the Swedish wanted to bring only one track. That was a complete surprise to the organisation of the cruise. Helen Wigren, manager of Loreen, contradicts that. ‘ Loreen has simply followed the contract. It was agreed that they would sing just Euphoria , but apparently the organisers that misunderstood. It is a woeful misunderstanding ‘, claims them.

This incident is very inconvenient for Loreen. The popularity of the singer is already a time falling. Her singles sell bad and there is still no successor for her debut album. Now she threatens to lose even more fans.

Its action on the cruise: