Jamala sang ‘ 1944 ‘ as early as may last year

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On YouTube makes videos surfaced showing that brand new Eurovision winner Jamala in May last year sang a version of her 1944already. To a diskwalificiatie, however, it will not come soon.

Yesterday evening was a performance by Jamala suddenly discovered the first movie on 23 May last year-the day of the final of the Eurovision song contest 2015-appeared on YouTube. Jamala is clear to see and hear with the song Bizim Qirim, which roughly translated means ‘ the Crimea is ours ‘. The package is still different, there are no English-language patches to hear text, but the song is undeniably the same.

Bizim Qirim begins in the 18th second of the video below. Note also the piece of folklore music in the bridge of the song:


Striking: since then, the old movie gone and there are several other surfaced the last few hours of the same action, whereby each official proof that last year sang the song Sauma road seems to be. But we gained a screenshot that shows the old movie still showed up in the search results on YouTube. That are dated 23 May last year:

Jamala No disqualification

The chance that 1944 will be disqualified and Sauma and the victory to Dami Im and her Sound of Silence will go, is almost certainly non-existent. There is the rule that States that songs taking part in the Eurovision song contest before 1 september in the previous year not ‘ commercial ‘ may be issued. This means that the song not on single or cd should be released. That’s when Bizim Qirim as far as is known, did not happen, making it perfect comform. It is completely legal to sing a song to the public. As long as the pass is issued on or after the first a sunny day, there is no problem. The EBU has via her facebook page also an official notice sent to negate the world in that the victory of Ukraine will be changed:

Statement on performance of Ukraine's winning Eurovision Song Contest song before September 1 deadline:"The Eurovision…

Geplaatst door European Broadcasting Union – EBU op donderdag 19 mei 2016

Few months back there was the Danish Eurovision heat in a similar scenario, then also with a winner of the Eurovision song contest in the lead role: Emmelie de Forest had a song composed by one of the participants on the preliminary round, but she had the song Never Alone already many a time Sung in her concerts. However, without ever on single or plate was released. The EBU ruled that no rules were broken. The song should just participate in the preliminary round and eventually became second, but had perfect the Danish Eurovision entry.

Sauma and her team have made the wise decision to change the title of the song, so as to reduce the political tenor. 1944 is there here and there already accused of being too political, although the EBU has also ruled that it does not break lines. A song entitled the Crimea is ours had no doubt on much less acclaim.

It is therefore still as good as fixed that next year we travel to Ukraine for the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest. Several mayors of cities in the country have already indicated that they want to get the game to their city. Ukrainian broadcaster and the EBU will consider the proposals, already being tipped that the shows will be broadcast from the Palace of Sports, where the Eurovision all descended in 2005.