Away with the ‘ PED ‘! (2): the virus, Ben Cramer and the camera work

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Maybe you’re after the last song festival, and the thought that we are completely dedicated itself a year have to wait for the next edition, also plagued by the so-called Post Eurovision Depression, or PED. To do something we strikten the Dutchman Dave Baker to guide us this week through the big Eurovision book, which he wrote as co-author and last year issued. You can find the info and TidBITS like? Then we have good news, because this weekend we raffle off two copies of the book on our facebook page. Today part two of five. (Photo:

The Virus

‘ I hope that later in the sky is a song contest, ‘ says René Raghavan, superfan and organizer of the annual event Eurovision in Concert. ‘ Seriously, I really hope so. I’m there every day working on it. A normal person counts sheep before bed, but I share points out. ‘ The song contest has many fans, but what is that right? How can it be that, every year in the month of may, the Eurovision 2011 virus is spreading violently? Why do people of the festival? Also bestselling author Abdelkader Benali (known from the multiple award-winning Wedding by the sea, the long-awaited and Marathon runner) is at the Eurovision virus fallen prey. ‘ Like me, alone with my wife sitting on the couch, to quietly observe and respond, “says the writer. “If I once in a flow is, I am no longer stop. Last year I cancelled a lecture to be able to watch. ‘

The Hell Of Luxembourg

We write the festival 1973. Our three color is that year represented by Nicole & Hugo, but the Netherlands are represented by Ben Cramer. Cramer thought it was a great honor to represent Netherlands, but there’s everything went wrong in the festival week itself. That whole Eurovision Song Contest was according to Cramer a mockery. Still he can worry about. ‘ With a terrible microphone. Such a hand grenade from World War I. A very strange thing. It was amateurish. Especially when you compare it to what I had previously experienced. ‘


Grab the camera

How you grab the camera? But above all: how you steal the hearts of European television viewer? Authors of Valli and Boomkens write under more about the surgery-P. This targets the authors on the way in which the Flemish Director Hans P Linnets on the occurrence of The Common excellent manner. As a result, the duo ended in 2014 on a second place. ‘ When we talk, we suddenly realized that Hans heard the song contest is a television program, ‘ says the popular DJ Daniel Dekker (also project leader and Song festival at AVRO/spray) in the great Song Book. ‘ We’re going to make a video clip. That’s it. It comes to the people at home. ‘


Tomorrow part three of five.