Stockholm 2016


Belgium occurs in the 2nd half of the 2nd semi final

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Today the so-called allocation draw place from Stockholm for the Eurovision Song Contest by 2016. Random was determined which country in which half of the semifinal will occur, and in the countries of the Big 5 and host country Sweden may vote.

After several speeches about the Eurovision song contest, was the ceremonial part is replaced by the serious work. One by one the countries were divided into one of four possibilities: the first half of the first semifinal, the second half of the first semifinal, the first half of the second semifinal and the second half of the second semifinal. The exact running order will only be published at the end of March , as all songs are known and the producers of the Eurovision song contest have done their 2016 task.

Our Laura Tesoro from Belgium was classified in the second half of the second semifinal. Only on Thursday, may 12, so will the Belgian flag and we will know if our country by punch to the final. Since the introduction of the second semi final in 2008, Belgium only once is dealt with in the second semifinal, in 2011. It is the first time ever that our country in the second half of the second semifinal. Douwe Bob Netherlands comes from much earlier: in the first part of the first semifinal even though he his song imagine.

There are eighteen countries take part in the first semifinal, on 10 may, and nineteen countries in the second semifinal, on Thursday 12 May. The top 10 from each semifinal to final, on Saturday May 14. The format for the Eurovision 2016:

1st HF (10/05)-1st half 1st HF (10/05)-2nd half 2nd HF (12/05)-1st half 2nd HF (12/05)-2nd half
Croatia Azerbaijan Latvia Albania
Finland Cyprus Belarus Bulgaria
Moldova Malta Ireland Denmark
Armenia Bosnia & Herzegovina Switzerland Georgia
Greece Estonia (FYR) Macedonia Romania
Hungary Czech Republic Australia Slovenia
Russia Montenegro Lithuania Norway
Netherlands Iceland Poland Ukraine
San Marino Austria Israel Belgium

In the first semifinal Sweden, Spain and France look and vote. In the second semifinal that Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy.

Pots format

Previously determined that Israel should take part in the second semifinal, and that the Germans in the same semi were allowed to vote. A few days ago the pots were published, in which the countries were divided on the basis of voting patterns. The intention was to prevent neighbouring countries from the same region or all countries that often votes on each other, in the same semifinal. The pots format was as follows:

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4 Pot 5 Pot 6
Albania Denmark Armenia Australia Ireland Hungary
Bosnia & Herzegovina Estonia Azerbaijan Belgium Lithuania Israel
Croatia Finland Georgia Bulgaria Malta Moldova
(FYR) Macedonia Iceland Ukraine Cyprus Poland Austria
Montenegro Latvia Russia Greece San Marino Romania
Serbia Norway Belarus Netherlands Czech Republic Switzerland