Cleo (yet?) not to Eurovision: Poland holds for round

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Last week it seemed that singer Cleo for the second time will represent her country in the Eurovision Song Contest, at least if we might believe her companion Donatan. The slopes of an internal choice is already excluded.

Poland is currently under attack by a new controversial media law, whereby each Polish broadcaster TVP channel recently introduced a new transmitter boss has. Jan Pawlicki, the new leader of TVP1, let in a tweet know that there is a national final held on March 5, will be:

In a status update on his facebook page congratulated Donatan, the Polish producer which in 2014 along with Cleo represented in the Eurovision song contest, his partner by then:

Freely translated Donatan writes: ‘ I think it is guessed by now, and that we can say: Cleo goes again to the Eurovision song contest! The foreign interest in her music is very large, witness the remix of her song Zabiorę nas. Different things that previously were not possible, are now gaining momentum, but are now reality! ‘

Donatan and Cleo were appointed two years ago by the TVP. Although Donatan not even stood on stage, he was included as a participating artist. With the controversial My Słowianie they ended up in the middle of the standings on the Eurovision song contest in Copenhagen, though they had much more success with the viewers at home than with the juries. Or maybe Cleo her chance will venture into the Polish for round, is not yet known.