2nd rehearsal Douwe Bob: Moment of Silence

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The Dutch candidate Douwe Bob mounted this morning for the second time the stage in the Globen Arena. Starting from today the press live present in the Hall, and a comprehensive report of the rehearsal of our northern neighbors seemed to us into place. (Photo: Philip Houtermans)

Deng action begins with a very nice shot of the stage from the ceiling, with filmed on the LED floor an immense clock projected that the ticking sound in the beginning of the song. The Dutchman is together with his five-piece band on stage. He starts with back to back with the pianist, but just before the first chorus he finds his own place, centrally on the stage. That completely bathed in warm red tones, so it looks like Douwe Bob like in his video clip gives a concert in a bar.

The quiet number make money from the previously quiet camera work, with slow, long shots along the sides of the stage, which also all the musicians give enough screen time separately. During the bridge they get full screen time while Douwe zijpodiumpje to rent. What happens then is quite unique: ten seconds of absolute silence, with Douwe Bob in close up. It was still unclear whether it was expected that the audience also sings or absolutely silent. Just before the third and last appearance during the second rehearsal asked the Director to the press to applaud and bawl during the silence time, although Douwe itself on Dutch television said that it effectively should be quiet as a mouse in the Globen Arena.

The Dutchman has baking charisma and know the cameras to play optimally. A final place for the third time in four years time would be for our northern neighbors certainly possible, but what will happen in that final with Netherlands, coffee grounds.