Stockholm 2016


Running order final Melodifestivalen ’ ‘ Saturday night known

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The Swedish Melodifestivalen pulls round coming Saturday to Halmstad where the last four tickets for the final are at stake.

The numbers three and four of the four preliminary rounds placed themselves as usual for the second chance round Andra Chansen. In total, eight acts in duels the four tickets to Globen. Christer Björkman made after expiration of the fourth heat the duels.

Melodifestivalen Andra Chansen

Game 1:
Håll mig hårt to vs Panetoz – Molly Pettersson Hammar – Hunger

Game 2:
Albin & Mattias – Rik vs Boris René – Put Your Love on Me

Game 3:
ISA – I Will Wait us S – Kizunguzungu

Game 4:
Dolly Style – Roller coaster vs Samir & Viktor – Bada nakna

Björkman gets Saturday also has a role on the screen. The procedure to find the winners of the duels, is changed. The winners will be announced at the end of the program by Gina Dirawi and her co-presenters Peter Jöback and Ola Salo. Prior to the publication acts Hasse Andersson on that last year from Andra Chansen still finished fourth in the final. Björkman makes then immediately the running order known for the final one week later.