Format ‘ Sanremo 2016 ’ released

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Italian broadcaster RAI has released details on how the music festival of Sanremo there next year. The 66th edition will be held between Tuesday 9 and Saturday 13 February.

There are again two categories, the C or established values, and the Nuove proposte or newcomers. The newcomers with eight and be put opposite each other in duels. On Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 February fights two times two newcomers against each other in duels. The four winners go to the broadcast on Friday 12 February. After two more duels, there remain two more artists, which in a final duel. The winner is announced in the same broadcast.

Bring in the Campioni on Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 February every time nine of them their songs, on which viewers can vote. Results are, however, not made known: it just goes to a version of the songs. On Thursday February 11, sing them all eighteen a cover of a well-known Italian number, without a vote. The next evening, all C their original song, and five of the eighteen. The voices of the first two broadcasts are then added to that of the broadcast of Friday.

The five eventual champions undergo a second round of voting: the public may be a wild card . Who, at the beginning of the final on Saturday 13 February. So there are fourteen Campioni in the participant list. The top-3 of them advances to the super final, the winner of which gets the chance to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. He had to or they do not want, the runner-up gets the chance.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday have public and jury 50% voting rights. On Friday and Saturday nights there will be a press jury at which 30% in weight. The share of the professional jury is reduced to 30%, and the public still has 40% voting rights.