Look at the stand in by Laura Tesoro

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Images have surfaced of the rehearsals that were provided by stand-ins. These go the actual rehearsals of the candidates in advance.

Laura Tesoro rehearsed for the first time on May 6, but sure, the Swedish public broadcaster SVT even though rehearsals with stand-ins. This allows the technicians to work with the images and exposure. In addition, there may be prior to the real gone be rehearsals with the various delegations in dialogue about their act.

Also in 2013 wielded SVT that method in Malmö. When Ellen Benediktson was the stand-in for France. Later we saw her twice in a row to take part in the Swedish Melodifestivalen. Possible is that also the case for Ma Lindström. They acted as a stand-in for the Belgian act. Click here to see how they performed.