Stockholm 2016


Our predictions for the second semifinal

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Just like last Tuesday the editors of from Stockholm itself again in the heat of battle: on the basis of all rehearsals and shows are here every single our ten finalists.

Last Tuesday we all ventured to a prediction of the finalists from the first semifinal. With eight of the ten who were tipped by at least two editors, we spent it there when anything but bad. We sat there on the chances of completely besides only Iceland and Bosnia & Herzegovina (all three final place) and Czech Republic (none of the three final place).

Also today we speak our expectations. It is for the sake of clarity, not so much to personal preferences, but we expect that on which countries will qualify for Saturday night:

2PolenMichał SzpakColor of Your LifeQQQ
3ZwitserlandRykkaLast of Our Kind
4IsraëlHovi StarMade of StarsQQ
5Wit-RuslandAlexander IvanovHelp You FlyQ
6ServiëSanja Vučić ZAAGoodbyeQQQ
7IerlandNicky ByrneSunlight
8(VJR) MacedoniëKaliopiDonaQ
9LitouwenDonny MontellI've Been Waiting for This NightQQQ
10AustraliëDani ImSound of SilenceQQQ
11SloveniëManuEllaBlue and Red
12BulgarijePoli GenovaIf Love Was a CrimeQQQ
13DenemarkenLighthouse XSoldiers of Love
16GeorgiëYoung Georgian LolitazMidnight GoldQQ
17AlbaniëEneda TarifaFairytale Love
18BelgiëLaura TesoroWhat's the PressureQQQ

There is great unanimityagain, with eight countries that all three a finals place bestowed by us. Just about Israel, Belarus, (FYR) Macedonia and Georgia is discussion. Belgium is generally seen in the final expected. Tonight around 11 pm we know just how much we sit next to it.