Also Douwe Bob choose Belgian Director

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After The Common Linnets and Trijntje Oosterhuis is also the current Dutch Eurovision artist Douwe Bob a partnership with the Belgian director Hans P. ‘ We’re going to do something very gaafs ‘, says the singer to AD.

Douwe Bob works hard at his Eurovision number. His decision to get involved was quickly made. ‘ My music heard on the biggest stage in the world, I saw no reason not to do it, ‘ he says. Though he is not always so positive about the Eurovision Song Contest. ‘ It was another world, not my thing. I only started to look when Anouk. And when The Common Linnets, all my kind of music. ‘

Maybe that’s why Douwe Bob for the same Director as Ilse DeLange and Waylon then choose, Hans P. ‘ A nice guy, a dreamer and inspired ‘, says the singer. “He has such good ideas and it will look great. I will surprise you. ‘

Douwe Bob would last year by AVRO BUNCH approached to go to the Eurovision song contest, but then refused because it is not in his agenda.

The old time

Further prepares Douwe Bob has plenty for on the Eurovision circus that on him coming in 2016. ‘ That commercial circus, somewhere I have a dislike of and at the same time I think it is fantastic. I have so much sense to my own twist going on. ‘

As a musician he has difficult with the fact that he did not live guitar will play on the stage. ‘ That used to be so cool, with an orchestra. There you can get so much more with it and it feels completely different. ‘

Good advice from Getty Kaspers

The Dutch newspaper AD brought Douwe Bob and Getty Kaspers from teach-in together for a double interview. As the last Dutch winner in 1975 had K good advice for the young Dutch singer. ‘ You lived In lead-up to the Eurovision song contest, “she said. ‘ I missed someone who listened to me and understood me. But he also has no tips needed. He understand it at all. You have the self not in hand, you can only bring a good number and be yourself. ‘