Stockholm 2016


Anyone who follows Trijntje on as Barbara Dex Award ‘ winner ‘?

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To time-honored habit is also awarded the Barbara Dex Award this year. Which artist had better Jani Kazaltsis looked up before he or she ascended the stage in Stockholm?

Each year the website the online ballot that the worst dressed artist of the song festival. The contest was organized for the first time in 1997 and is named after Barbara Dex who in 1993 was last with someone like you. Our compatriot had when her dress itself manufactured, but clearly not popular with the public.

Belgium has itself the Barbara Dex Award only once won. That was in 2000 with Nathalie Sorce. Netherlands went last year with the price. Trijntje Oosterhuis eventually opted not for its so-called tear dress, but her alternative fell far from the public.

Vote for the worst dressed artist here may to 21 May. The organizers have announced that it will be the last edition.