Anouk ‘ is Queen for a day ’

* Automatically translated *

It is a busy year for Anouk: they expected a new child and the singer promised her fans also two new albums. One of them, Queen For a Day, lies today in the stretch.

The tenth Studio album by Dutch singer is become one with a huge variety of pop songs. Ballads and dance numbers alternate. What is missing is Dominique, a love song for her friend and a success in Belgium and Netherlands. Anouk never put a song in Dutch on her CDs and that’s not right away from sense. If they have something in the Dutch do, it will be very good.

The first single from the album is called Run Away Together. In the spring the fans may expect a second single.

This fall there will be a second album out, a hotchpotch of all kinds of styles that Anouk like singing/hear. Currently, the singer shows up as coach in The Voice of Holland.