Anouk: ’ ‘ button in the fallopian tubes

* Automatically translated *

Coming soon they her sixth child and that is sufficient for the Dutch singer Anouk.

‘ I’m very glad it worked out and hope for the balance that it is a girl . I want to buy dresses again instead of that boring clothes ‘, according to the forty year old Anouk which has four sons and a daughter. The Birds-singer says there is no seventh child will come. There is a button in the fallopian tubes ‘ Soon ‘, she says.

Meanwhile, Abbas remains active as a coach in The Voice. That will also be the case during the next season. Marco Borsato gives threw in the towel and is replaced by a new coach who in the final of Friday night is announced. Itself brings Anouk in March a new album. Pending she presented today its new single Let’s Run Away Together at Radio 538.