Hirsoux launches ‘ Après l ’ hiver Axel ’

* Automatically translated *

Winter is upon us, but Axel Hirsoux looks forward what is after. After he launches his new single Haut l’humain Après l’hiver, a French-language ballad.

After his participation in the Eurovision song contest in 2014 with Mother, retired Axel Hirsoux last year on on songs in French. He chooses with Haut l’humain again for a genre and a language that him well. The result is a warm, classic, French-language ballade, ideal for cold winter days.

And the song can already count as countdown timer to the spring and better weather. The singer sings about the dark periods that you need in life by before the Sun is going to shine.

The Ballad was written by composer Elias and copywriters Iza Loris and Isabel Cardinal. Both they wrote all songs for Anggun, Hélène Ségara, Valentin Marceau and other Belgian and French artists.

Apres l’hiver is available via iTunes.