Eva D suffers from burn-out

* Automatically translated *

Eva D has on her facebook page announced they will shun the spotlight. The 25-year-old spring-in-‘t-field suffers from burn-out and take some time for themselves.

Already on her nineteenth ended up Eva D in the media, as a sidekick of Peter Van de Veire in his morning show on MNM. After six years of non-stop work pulled them on her own to Thailandand Viet Nam . The host of eurosong 2014 wanted the bull by the horns and think about its future. It turned very different for the young blonde because they came on the road against himself. Her story of doubts, tears and euphoria they bundled in the book Factor 25.

Meanwhile remained D. tirelessly to work. In addition to her radio work stuck them a lot of time in the promotion of her book. However, in mid-september the light went out, says the former one-announcer on her facebook page. ‘ How hard I try, the fuse does not burn anymore. The battery is flatter than flat. I choose just for myself. I pull me back for an indefinite period of time in my safe cocoon of afternoon naps, therapeutic apple pie without gluten, friends, autumn leaves, books and Netflixmarathons. They also call it Burn-outland. Fun for Gilbert, but hopefully I can quickly back to country Radio, “says da Silva.