Abbas does not share any personal photo ’ s more

* Automatically translated *

Singer Anouk will instagram no personal pictures of her children and her account friend Domien share more. They took that decision after some insulting comments on her images.

‘ I got so many racist comments, ‘ says Dutch singer. ‘ There are so many Mongolians who find it necessary to react to those pictures. If they are then under a picture of your children write: that cancer zwartepietjes by you, or your children seem on my crap:, me just too far. ‘

In the meantime, Anouk her apologies already offered. They are not referred to with Mongols that they had no respect for people who have Down syndrome. ‘ Though the idiots who write threats to my children, ‘ she says. ‘ Where I come from, is a Mongolian term. ‘ Indeed: Anouk went to look up the meaning of the word even in the thick of Dale to her right.