Mihai Traistariu retrieves video clip ‘ Paradisio ’ offline

* Automatically translated *

For Mihai Traistariu, there is no doubt: with Paradisio he can win the Eurovision song contest. Monday, he made his world song.

In early december the Romanian gave an interview to Songfestival.be in which he spoke about his song full of self-confidence . ‘ It’s a positive up tempo song, ideal for radio stations, clubs and also the Eurovision song contest. I have ten years been waiting for this song because I wanted to return earlier. The mainly English-language song is perfect for my high voice and with it I hope to convince both the public and the juries. I truly believe that I can win the contest and Romanian music history can write ‘, was the.

Monday he proposed the song and the accompanying video clip for. The song was lukewarm reception and especially the video, in which 15000 euro invested, Traistariu allegedly got critics. Mainly producing and the bizarre story were not appreciated. Traistariu has now removed the video and replaced by a lyric video, but promises that he with a new video clip going to come up.

Romania selects its representative for the Eurovision song contest on 6 March. Or Traistariu is selected for participation in the national qualifying round see.

Judge for yourself whether he is with this song the song contest to Bucharest.