Pat Krimson does Loredana proposal on ‘ I Love The 90 ‘s “

* Automatically translated *

Saturday night took place in the Ethias Arena Hasselt I Love The 90 ‘s place. Pat Krimson did a striking proposal.

With Loredana 2Fabiola ft. Pat Krimson twice appeared on the scene. At his second appearance he got the audience quiet when suddenly appeared on the screen: ‘ Loredana, would you like to Pat Krimson to your legal … ‘. The spectators thought right away to a marriage proposal, to the sequel to the screen was projected: ‘ partner on the stage for the next 20 years? ‘. It turned out to be a reference to the 20th anniversary of the band. Loredana agreed and turned off the show with a quip.

One of the main acts Saturday night was DJ BoBo. In 2007 he tried it for Switzerland at the Eurovision song contest in Helsinki with Vampires Are Alive. That turned out to be no success; He finished only 20th. It was his first appearance on Belgian soil.