Tom Helsen skateboard to emergency room

* Automatically translated *

Tom Helsen was Tuesday briefly included in the emergency room after a stupid accident with a skateboard.

Haider, who last Sunday even as an expert commented during eurosong 2016, his agenda for the coming weeks and in the right direction. ‘ My bassist led me around in the new building of his company. There was a skateboard and because I have all my youth geskateboard, I wanted to make an impression. Because I have a few cuba libres had been drinking, I popped a large concrete pole ‘, explains the singer. He was on the emergency room examined. “My foot is badly bruised and there is even a slight fracture. This Sunday I had recordings for my new video clip in Paris, but that will have to wait for. Idiot that I am! ‘ says Haider that the coming weeks with crutches should do. Fortunately, he has not lost his sense of humor.

A few days ago, Haider still back at his eurosong-passage. He turned out to be good to be able to find with Amaryllis.