Velvet let another is stirring

* Automatically translated *

Jenny Marielle Pettersson, the woman behind Velvet, with Friendly Fire released her very first single by 2015. Jenny trying nowadays a new music style.

The time Pettersson with Velvet big hits scored in Sweden is behind us for a while. The previous single, Enemy, came out a year ago and only now is the successor there. Velvet wants her career a new boost and let the dance genre behind him and aims now radio friendly pop songs. Not the most original move. Or was it a smart, later to be seen. They can best use a hit. You can download the new song through iTunes.

Velvet took part in three times the Swedish Melodifestivalen. The last time was in 2009. When she sang the song The Queen in an immense ball gown where even Queen Elisabeth had been jealous.