Sister Cristina in Sanremo ’ ‘?

* Automatically translated *

Cristina Scuccia, better known as Sister Cristina next year, would like to participate in the SanremoItalian song contest. The winner of that match to the Eurovision song contest.

Cristina doing her statements in an interview with La Repubblica. ‘ I would like to take part in Sanremo and I even think that I have the appropriate song for ‘, says the singing nun who in Italy became a real sensation. It is unclear how in concrete terms its plans. The singing sister could use new promotion because her debut album scored poor.

As the sister, which in 2014 the Italian version of The Voice also won Sanremo on her Holy name can write then they basically to the Eurovision song contest. That would be for some problems . Candidates may on stage namely no religious clothing or symbols. So far we are of course still remains to be done.

Like a Virgin, from the debut album of the sister: