Carola in the Greek prison

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The prison on the Greek island of Kos has a remarkable guest on the floor: Swedish singer Carola Häggkvist. The Eurovision winner ended up briefly behind bars when she tried to help refugees.

The singer was traveled to Kos to help refugees, she said during an interview on Swedish radio. ‘ I learned a Iranian-Noor. Through him I found out that criminals on the engines of the boats were out that refugees made their crossing. One evening I saw that thieves were able to steal a motorcycle, ‘ says the diva. Carola knew the engine together with refugees off again, but that ran out on a Chase across the Greek island.


Carola drove to the police station to seek help. ‘ The thieves accused me of the motor theft There. I was suddenly arrested and placed behind lock and key , “said the singer. Carola came free again after a few hours. The stolen engine has never seen and they still don’t know why she was arrested.

She has helped many refugees eventually on Kos. The singer even made sure that some of them could come to her home country Sweden. She gave the refugees in question clothing and suitcases. In one of them was a picture with her phone number on. ‘ I was called by a customs officer ‘, says Carola. ‘ Who wanted to verify the story that the owner of the suitcase told be knocked. I was glad that he called, because now I know that they have arrived here safely