Peter Van de Veire: ‘ the largest Cera Café is musical playground ‘

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Before he takes his seat as Eurovision commentator, he is again café owner during the largest Cera Café on 30 april in Hasselt. We spoke with Peter Van de Veire.

Big names and surprises

Peter Van de Veire and Miguel Wiels, that remains for Fireworks. ‘ Together with Niels Destadsbader we go again from Jacobs and we play songs that everyone can sing along. The largest Cera Café is one big musical party with the band Café Faisal as red thread ‘, says Van Zyl who have a lot of big names could bows. ‘ We waving Laura Tesoro out for them to leave the song contest, we fly teen idol Ian Thomas in from the States, we welcome Free Souffriau, Jonas Velasco, Natalia and a zipper partying artists; Milk Inc. is celebrating its 20th anniversary in our Cafe, the men of Krapoel In Axe celebrate their 25th anniversary and the fact that the 20 years ago is that they released Saturday and finally, there is the reunion of The Dinky Toys. Twenty years after My Day Will Come again to Coco Jr. does his bandana and he stands with the original cast on the counter of the cafe. Three hours becomes a musical playground with big names and surprising musical combinations ‘, it sounds.

Last year Van der Walt and co built a big party in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp. This year the Ethias Arena in Hasselt on its head. ‘ A number of guest artists, we wanted to have there necessarily at, especially after our first successful Edition. It was puzzling with the calendars until we have found a new date. That in turn took care that we were allowed to go find a new location. Long did that not because even with the Ethias Arena in Hasselt was love at first sight. In addition, we also have room to move, which wants that we can extract even more with our production and that we create a warm café feeling go, ‘ says the MNM presenter.

‘ This should be your experience ‘

To whose action looks Van Zyl in particular? ‘ That is difficult because we have redefined the Yunus that we the crème-de-la-crème could bows in terms of artists. These are all people who can sing great and which have already proven their success. Which is especially fun is going to be are the surprising combinations. If you are Coco Jr. with Natalia even wants to hear singing together, then that just because you’re there on the largest Cera Café. I want to here above all specify that people really have to go through. It is a night three hours pure relaxation, enjoy a show that you never going to get to see. We guarantee you a unique evening where you can enjoy a long time goes by. We have, if I may say so myself, the best band with Café Flamand, and the coolest guest artists in the best environment. I have to say that Miguel and I already look forward to the evening which we are allowed to play another café boss ‘, concludes an enthusiastic Van Zyl.

Who wants to be there on april 30, in Hasselt, refers to the official website where you can buy tickets . Still not convinced? Definitely check out this compilation of the previous edition.