Sweden-Petra also in negotiations with BBC

* Automatically translated *

The beloved Swedish television personality Petra which presented the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 and 2016, is currently negotiating with the British State broadcaster BBC on an international role. In the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet left Petra already know that the outcome of the negotiations would depend on how her role to combine with her private life.

After its successful hosting of the two song festivals and the show Eurovision Greatest Hits in London, feels a lot of attention and offers. The Swedish would, however, like to focus on her current work and her family. ‘ I have a baby of just four years old and nothing is more important to me than my daughter. Over time I can see how my professional career here in can fit ‘, adds Petra. The combination of her work and her private life is thus a crucial factor for her.

Currently plant Petra a tour that Den divan ofrivilliga (involuntary ‘ diva ‘) is called. In the show she talks about her life and the difficulties behind the glitter and glamour. She will be in her home city of Gothenburg action from March. Furthermore, she also appeared on some children’s channels of SVT.