First ever Belgian Eurovision book due in 2021

From March 2021 onwards, the first ever book looking at Belgian Eurovision history will be available for sale in Flemish book stores. The Dutch-language book is entitled 65 jaar België op het Songfestival: Alle artiesten, alle verhalen (’65 years of Belgium in Eurovision: All artists, all stories’). Jonathan Hendrickx and Jasper Van Biesen, two of the founders of, have signed a contract at the Flemish publishing house Baeckens Books.

The authors will combine telling the history of Belgium in Eurovision from 1956 onwards, by looking at all Belgian national finals and Eurovision events separately, with in-depth interviews with former Belgian Eurovision participants. Several of these have already been published as part of’s first and very successful podcast entitled Eurovisite, which was launched in early 2020, whereas many more interviews are currently being held purely for the sake of the upcoming book.

The book will be the very first of its kind, as it will be the first one to focus on Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest. The book will be formally launched in March 2021.