Barbara Dex


Croatia wins the Barbara Dex Award 2016

The winner of this year is is Nina Kraljić – Croatia with 770 votes. Jamie-Lee  became second with only half of the votes. (Germany- 335 votes)

It was not a big surprise to discover that Nina would win this award. Her dress was quite sophisticated – a labyrinth of feathers, mirrors and curly bends. One cannot say that it is ugly, however, it is personal taste and can at least be labeled as being special.

The runner-up is Jamie-Lee from Germany, as Måns so elegantly mentioned during the liveshow. She only managed to collect half of the votes of Croatia, but her outfit would also be a worthy winner of the award. To close this top three, Rykka’s blue hair and smokey dress delivered Switzerland a deserved third place.




Top 5:

  1. Nina Kraljić – Croatia
  2. Jaime-Lee – Germany
  3. Rykka – Switzerland
  4. Deen & Dalal Feat. Ana Rucner & Jala – Bosnia & Herzegovina
  5. Poli Genova – Bulgaria

You can find an overview of all previous winners here. is very proud to announce that from 2017 onwards, we will be responsable for the organization of this prestigious award.