DSVS 2016

DSVS 2016

DSVS: these are the experts at week 1

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Today start the first edition of the voice of Songfestival.be (LEONARD), the tournament in which this website in search of the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest by 2016.

Each week, a number of songs scrutinized by our experts, but of course we must first know what we in the tub. This week come the reviews of following five persons:

Fabian Faber, singer and Belgian representative at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2011:


‘ The song contest for me is the start of everything. I went into 2012 represent our country in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and was proud fifthEuro. The Eurovision week itself was a circus in which you lived and you especially in a merry-go-round. Apart from that, it was perhaps one of the most beautiful weeks out of my young life. I am now achtienen have since my participation had quite a few nice things. I presented on television, I acted, but mainly I’m continuing to sing, with two listings in the Ultratopcharts last year. Thanks to the contest, I can taste a lot of what the media have to offer. So I could make my choices for the direction I want to go out. ‘

Stijn de Guzman, blogger at it will your son but being and writer at Charlie Magazine:


‘ The song contest is for me a guilty pleasure with a serious snuff youth sentiment. I realize there are between all kitsch, wind machines and glitter a lot of dredging, but every year there are a few strong numbers between – really. I’m always with friends to find me and that a Eurovision nerd because I during the broadcast André Vermeulengewijs quite a few tidbits from my hat magic, but I just need a elephants memory… ‘

Sam Jacobs, founder and compiler of the Flemish Ultratop 50:


‘ I’ve always liked to the Eurovision song contest. My memories go back to mid-70 ‘s with Ann Christy, Dream Express, Izhar Cohen, Bucks Fizz, Emly Starr, etc. It used to be that with the scoreboard in the Whoopee on the lap. I found it fun to fill in the scores and of course we also gave points. My parents were actually less interested, but my brother and sister enjoyed also. After that it was always searching for the singles of our favorites and which were then grijsgedraaid. We look still enjoy together, also with some friends. It’s all what more volatile and more overwhelming earlier, but it nevertheless remains always fun. ‘

Fabio Ponente, ex-dancer with 2 Fabiola, singer and image consultant:


‘ The song contest is a thread in my life. Once I lived in the same street as Sandra Kim. I look each year to the race, and hope I come back as a participant for Belgium on stage. In the 90 ‘s I toured around the world as a dancer with 2 Fabiola, and in recent years I have built up a singing career. So I took a cover of Sweet Harmony of The Beloved. In addition, I have also a make-up range launched as image consultant at Mica Beauty cosmetics. ‘

Roy Van der Merwe, South African producer and President of OGAE Rest of the World:


Remember Nicole in 1982 the Eurovision song contest had won with Ein bisschen Frieden, I was a member of her fan club, as the only non-German-speaking. I was invited to the contest in 1983 in Munich to attend, and I was immediately addicted to – it was then very strange for a South African to the Eurovision Song Contest. I’m gone every year since 1993, so this is my 24e song contest in a row. For me it’s a song contest, and therefore I talk much rather with the composers than with the artists. If job pitch I Eurovision songs at South African artists, on which they make there covers of in Afrikaans. ‘