DSVS 2016

DSVS 2016

DSVS: these are the experts at week 4

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For the fourth week was made Songfestival.be a panel of experts that its light would shine on the entries of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

The end is in sight: this week follow the nine songs from the second half of the second semifinal. Next week it is the turn of the six countries that have already posted for the final, and the final the week after week. All the songs have placed itself from the previous five weeks-each time the top-2-than facing each other.

But until then, we have added a series of songs. This week is the magnifying glass again in the hand taken by Dave Baker of Euro story, Stijn de Guzman of Charlie Magazine, and singers Fabian Faber and Fabio Ponente. But of course there are the necessary newcomers to what up. This week on offer:

Walter Cardozo, digital creative at VRT, Pukkelpop, etc.


As digital creative I help determine the social media strategy for companies, and remember and I produce creative interpretation of content worth sharing. I do especially for FM, mortar brigade, Pukkelpop and more. You may also know me of Ugly Belgian Houses, the appointment, Anyone famous, Like My Ride or twitter. Follow me on twitter, Snapchat & instagram: @hannes_bhc. I have ever once looked at the song contest. When Clouseau took part and my Robin had baked pancakes.

Hilde S, journalist, columnist and author


‘ By profession I am a journalist. I wrote among other things for the morning, latest news, Libelle and Flair. In 1974 I was sitting together with my father for television to the Eurovision song contest, and after Waterloo by ABBA we said at the same time: This song is going to win. It turned out to be premature to talk about ‘ predictive gifts ‘, because since then, I’ve never gambled correctly. ‘

Watch our experts Tomorrow to the entries from Belgium, Albania and Bulgaria.