DSVS 2016

ZAHRA: what our experts say about the last 4 finalists?

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Today our experts take the last four finalists featured site: Lithuania, Netherlands, Russia and Spain.

Lithuania: Donny Montell – I’ve Been Waiting for This Night Jelle Banerjee: Well, there is certainly not small Donny looksgewijs deteriorated since his last participation. Also musical he delivers again a pretty, contemporary sounding song that a good chance at a top-10 listing. Meezingbaar, penalty climax Immediately and did I mention that Donny there looksgewijs not exactly deteriorated?

Stijn De Guzman: As far as I am concerned, this is one of the radiovriendelijkste entries of the year, survive the semifinal is a breeze for Donny. Who knows he surpasses even the sixth place in the final of the tenenkrommende We Are the Winners from 2006 and ends he so as the best scoring Lithuanian act ever in the Eurovision song contest.

Fabian Faber: A strong song that perfectly on the radio can! I do believe that this song no victory needs to score with a large audience. At the big win this number will undoubtedly on many a party a floor filler , but Euphoria will not be able to surpass. Yet clever work.

Sree Lakshmi: According to the final calls me not to this messy whole. Who knows can convince with his moves and his looks though Donny? On the number he can not count to have a chance. Axel Hirsoux: The Lithuanian song remains good. It is a very nice song to listen to. I don’t quite know if it’s the final though will pick up, but for me it is that in any case though.

Fabio Ponente: Hit for hit parade, festival TOP 10.

NETHERLANDS: Douwe Bob – Slow Down Jelle Banerjee: Authentic for several years the code word for the Dutch entries. Douwe Bob also ensures that our northern neighbours with the error will sit during the match. A nice, albeit somewhat simple song that hopefully will get a Tom Dice-like added value when it’s live. And further: nice radio feed. Radio 2-enter though.

Stijn De Guzman: A few days ago, I heard this on the radio when I was in Netherlands, and I caught myself out that I truly enjoyed the song. Between all the decoctions of recent Ultra top hits can Slow Down literally and figuratively a resting point on this Eurovision Edition. I therefore hope that Douwe after 14 may in the row with Anouk and The Common Linnets will belong and not in that of Babur and the top ones.

Fabian Faber: As every year we will give a lot of points to our northern neighbors, but This is not their best entry in years, I find personally. This number had not come from Netherlands, we picked our second bag now nuts above, we donated us a new gin and tonic in and we waited up to 3 minutes to Slow Down . Also this is not immediately the big radio hit of the Eurovision song contest without a victory.

Sree Lakshmi: Our northern neighbors have such a cool submission! Instant happiness on hearing Douwe Bob’s Slow Down and a little secret: I’ve killed the replay button … A nice number, great artist with a recognizable voice, I think all these factors go for sure-he can score on the Eurovision Song Contest!

Axel Hirsoux: The Dutch number I find very nice. The singer is also very sympathetic and nice about it. In any case, this belongs at home in the final.

Fabio Ponente: For me a hit parade listing for its uniqueness, FESTIVAL TOP 5.

Russia: Sergey Lazarev – You Are the Only One Jelle Banerjee: Our head off if this is not a top-3. Mother Russia is oddly enough one of those countries that the essence of the song contest at all seems to understand. She goes there is always a little bit about, but never so far that it becomes problematic. Also this song is so professional and with so much conviction made that you don’t otherwise than tacking. At the public will throw high eyes Sergey anyway. Or the Russians this year also effective bird go the main shooting, will probably depend on the juries. We put our money on in here.

Stijn De Guzman: Russia will manage to for the fifth year in a row in the top-10 to end? I suspect so. Traditionally, the country gets a lot of points of the neighbouring countries and I am quite sure that this disco stomper also on acclaim in the European living room will be able to count. The song in the charts will not immediately break pots, but I do believe that the coming years in the playlist of the local gay bar will be included.

Fabian Faber: The song is especially by the Visual extras in the clip a high flyer, but without song festival picks this song even the first listening tour of the radio stations only. So I am afraid that this is not the great airplay-piece of the cake will be this year. But sometimes a winning song not on the radio grijsgedraaid. History has already proven that win and not really songs the radio hit of the year. So if Russia visually criminal turns out, then they can still score high!

Sree Lakshmi: Sergey goes, I believe, must convince with his looks, because the song itself I think has too little ‘ success rate ‘. Maybe the whole also just a tad too overwhelming for the Eurovision song contest. On the radio we hear this song afterwards no longer, I think.

Axel Hirsoux: A very good number of Russia! The country really want to win. But everything is possible. Moscow 2017? Why not!?

Fabio Ponente: FAT THICK HIT, festival victory? Top 3?

Spain: Barei – Say Yay Jelle Banerjee: The Song Contest is – albeit with some delay – the 21st century live, and this song is a good proof of that. A personal favorite and another song that could so in the charts: it reminds of Avicii, to Swedish House mafia, even a little to our Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. This entry will depend a lot on the staging and the vocal performance of Barei. The past has shown that dance numbers pur sang the invariably do less well in the Eurovision song contest than is expected. We already thumbs!

Stijn De Guzman: It can all sides out with this entry, even the sphere of Madame Soleil turns cloudy. It is a quite simple popsong contagious, but it is catchy enough to votes to glean? The direct final place, the countries of the big five has often played tricks and chances are real that Europe ‘ Nay ‘ says to Say Yay.

Fabian Faber: This year Spain for gold! That feel to everything. A huge hit environment song, a contemporary, strong voice, an appearance that fits perfectly in the picture … And to cap it all a little dance that undoubtedly millions of viewers right out of their seat let springs to try it after doing so. This is what is called a picture that’s right! May this song for me every morning to start my day.

Sree Lakshmi: This Spanish just goes almost everyone on board with her summer hit in the making! Wondering if the act as much energy as the clip will radiate. I’ll sure bet that we still often go hear this song (and sing along)!

Axel Hirsoux: I simply want to say “Yay” to Barei. The song is cheerful and remains huge in your head. I would be really surprised Spain not high had to finish this year.

Fabio Ponente: Summer issue=YES, festival music chart TOP 10