DSVS 2016

DSVS 2016

DSVS: these are the finalists of week 3!

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‘t happened: the finalists of week 3 for the final week of the voice of Songfestival.be are in!

The past week our experts gave their opinion about the ten songs of the first half of the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest. Their reviews you could read on this site, we keep secret their rankings. The four individual frames were added together to create one jury rankings.

The past two days could you guys, the readers of songfestival.be, us you rank. These rankings were also merged into one General ranking of the public. Both arrangements together give the complete results, with your list as a possible factor in ex aequo. Today we can announce the first two finalists!


Congratulations to Dani Im from Australia and Donny Montell from Lithuania! They knew themselves to the top-2 of the classification of the third week by singing. The final field looks so far like this:

1NederlandDouwe BobSlow Down
2RuslandSergey LazarovYou Are the Only One
4CyprusMinus OneAlter Ego
5AustraliëDani ImSound of Silence
6LitouwenDonny MontellI've Been Waiting for This Night
7BelgiëLaura TesoroWhat's the Pressure
8BulgarijePoli GenovaIf Love Was a Crime
9FrankrijkAmirJ'ai cherché
10SpanjeBareiSay Yay

The next two weeks the songs from the second half of the second semifinal and the six countries that have already posted for the final. The top 2 from each group will again proceed to the final week by, leaving of the 43 entries from Ten finalists this year will remain.

The two finalists by:


Start the fourth week by tomorrow, with the nine songs from the second half of the second semifinal. We also make the expertenpanel tomorrow to you.