DSVS 2016

DSVS 2016

DSVS: Our experts have to say about Germany & France

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In the fifth and penultimate week of the voice of Songfestival.be pass the six already for the finalists.

Germany: Jamie Lee – Ghost


Stijn De Guzman: It is going fast for the 18-year-old Jamie-Lee, last year, she won The Voice of Germany and now she can represent her country already on the Baker songs fairground of the year. Her remarkable clothing choice suggests that they together with Alice in Wonderland has been on the road, but unfortunately her song quickly ends up in the well of oblivion of mother Hulda.

Fabian Faber: Germany has a nose for young talent to send to the Eurovision song contest with a nice contemporary song. That is certainly no different this year. This song can perfectly for me on the radio. Only had the singers not really a half luna park to bears and other trash in having to drop her hairstyle. The act start strong with the dark forest and has no gentle Katy-Perry-clone need to stay upright.

Sree Lakshmi: Jamie-Lee is for me a mix of Birdy and Anna Graceman. The song tells me not much, I find it quite repetitive. Because the stage is filled with pretty busy visuals and pronounced lights, I think they have kept the ‘ act ‘ bleak? For me is the whole little bit too busy anyway. That girl can sing! I recognize myself in her at times, as in hearing of the nerves in the voice. Hopefully she can her nerves and thus her voice completely under control!

Caren Meynen: Young, fresh and an innocent fairy tale image. This kind of artists during the summer festivals ever a place on some zijp odium. Ghost of the German Jamie-Lee makes me what to think of the songs of the Sias, Ellie Gouldings and Zara Larssons of this world. Or the song catchy enough for Eurovision, I doubt. Contemporary, though, but too non-committal.

France: Amir – J’ai cherché


Stijn De Guzman: France is doing well at the bookies, that should also follow-up all of ago. Those bookmakers are often thoroughly next to but now I hope that they are right. Our neighbors make a good turn out this year; Amirs Merry song hangs. It’s the kind of singer Mika Frenglish-number where ever his little toe for would like to sacrifice.

Fabian Faber: France is going to win this year? I don’t think so. It is just a little too much singled through the number of 101 other songs. And with that, the story around France. Amir has a victory? I don’t think so either. The issue is already on the radio and so is that all a nice Medal for France. The French song from 2010, Allez Ola Olé, was a monster hit, though I fear that the same fate will not take Amir as it slightly less original.

Sree Lakshmi: I have a soft spot for the French language, therefore, France has always been with me. Then I find it’s always a shame when they suddenly go between some English. To the number in itself is, in my opinion, nothing innovative and it reaches no climax. The feeling that the song has, speaks to me or back on. I have to say that it makes me happy !

Caren Meynen: J’ai cherché is a song on the radio right away that I would like to play. Outside that Amir is fun to watch, I find his voice very attractive. There is a rough grain in that voice that can delight me. As far as I am concerned sends France for the first time in years, even a nice, not over the top, radio sensitive and solid song. I’m already a fan.

Watch our experts Tomorrow to the entries from Italy and Spain.