DSVS 2016

DSVS 2016

DSVS: Our experts have to say about the United Kingdom & Sweden

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Finally follow today the very latest new reviews of the voice of Songfestival.be: the songs of the British and Sweden.

Over the last few days passed the other countries that are already sure of a place in the final: Germany and France and Italy and Spain.

United Kingdom: Joe & Jake – you’re Not Alone


Stijn De Guzman: I read that these two have their jobs terminated Kahveci in order to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. A courageous choice, especially if you know that the United Kingdom the last decade mainly in the tail of the standings wallowed. Joe and Jake bring a contemporary number, in contrast to the mellow ballads and the campy acts from the recent past. Brexit avoided. Fabian Faber: A pop song to the bone, sung by not one but two handsome guys who score points without having to sing a single note. The song remains just a little too much on my skin and doesn’t get inside. In that respect, I fear that it also will not penetrate at the crowd.

Sree Lakshmi: This gives me a One Direction-sense! I find it such a shame that they two are and not two-voice singing. That was maybe just a little extra … The intro and the break may take a little longer for me had, because there they grabbed me though. Nice duo, but not to score in the Eurovision song contest, according to me.

Caren Meynen: You’re not Alone the number is twenty seconds and I already have certainly five times said: I know this from somewhere! And if I have, then I usually crochet. The young guys Jack & Joe – what me immediately to a clothing brand brings to mind – will fix many support in young girls and smooth guys, but I don’t believe it. I feel a kind of Coldplay-sound but then one that cold let me also. And with these reservations is the number already over before I realized it. No, I don’t think I need a ticket to London in May next year.

Sweden: French – If I Were Sorry


Stijn De Guzman: It falls on that this year, very many young artists on stage that just a few seasons in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest outgrown. With this one-man One Direction will send the host country a former child star and that has us exactly thirty years ago. Sandra Kim screamed out how very much they of life held while French are regrets. Times change, don’t they?

Fabian Faber: Sweden has also this year a lot of picked and everything thrown together, as many topsongs countries Sweden this year already. For Sweden, I make an exception and I say: better be good then tucked the bad self fabricated. The artist has a very nice voice and know to Captivate me until the end. If I give a barbecue this summer it would make me not surprising if French sometime after eating beyond would come through the speakers. Now the warm weather, charcoal and a gin and tonic. This will, in my view, best what score points.

Sree Lakshmi: The first thing that comes to mind: Matt Simons- Catch & Release, Deepend Remix! Surprising intro, that speak song! It’s so something different. Then apparently I was expecting too much, I think? I do like the atmosphere that the song carries with it, but as far as I’m concerned just a little too paknejad for the Eurovision song contest.

Caren Meynen: As far as I am concerned French change in the title of his song right away: I’m sorry for copying Catch & Release by Matt Simons. With the Deepend Remix of Catch & Release was immediately a European star Matt Simons. I put French even on break and surf on YouTube to Matt Simons ‘ version. In the meantime I type further, but as Matt has ended, I realize I really talking about French had to have. So no, French, sorry for me you hear not the Favorites this year. But thanks in advance to make sure that I can go to my mother on 14 may say: ‘ that’s picked this song! ‘and then my tablet to retrieve and display the above version of Matt, so that French remains unheard of in our living room.

Tomorrow you will have again the opportunity to give us your rank!