DSVS 2016

DSVS 2016

LEONARD: a closer look at Australia, Azerbaijan and Belgium

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What experts say about the entries from Australia, Azerbaijan and Belgium?

AUSTRALIA: Dani Im – Sound of Silence Jelle Banerjee: One of the most modern pop songs of this festival. Hit parade Queen Sia is not far away, we all keep it on Sia van Aldi. It also does what think of Loreen. And that is our biggest problem: Sound of Silence does to anything and everything, but a private face has not. Do us yet but the real Sound of Silence: that of Simon & Garfunkel.

Stijn De Guzman: Based purely on the number deserves Dami Im the fifth place that Guy Sebastian last year won at least to match, though I have my doubts about whether that will succeed. Last year supplied the (alleged) one-time participation of the Aussies certainly have a lot of sympathy and votes on, but of that effect they go Down Under this year less to enjoy. A good score will her may be a radio hit. Fabian Faber: This number remains at a second listening a strong song with heavy radio potential. It sounds very contemporary, and Australia will score points! Personally it is not my favourite, but if they get the final, ends this number though in the first half of the ranking.

Sree Lakshmi: Because such a big songfestivalvibe this number, it can according to me no different from score! If there is again a strong act at comes, we are all left. Also, would this Sound of Silence not look out of place in the radioplaylist.

Axel Hirsoux: Australia makes it very clear that they do not want to be pushed in a kind of walk-on role in the Eurovision Song Contest, but that they really get involved to win. It is a very good radio number and the singer is a true star in her country. This song has everything to be quite high to end up in the rankings.

AZERBAIJAN: Samra- Miracle Jelle Banerjee: Music with a formula, but a formula that time after time works. Mira, mira, miracle: after one listen you get the all no more out of your head pried. We Personally get so beware gradually on the way Azerbaijan at the Eurovision song contest. Take a beautiful man/madam with a great voice, add a good pop song lying in the ear with charts-influences – hello again, Sia –, and shaking but. Again success guaranteed, probably. Boring.

Stijn De Guzman: Since their first participation in 2008 Azerbaijan ended almost always in the top-10, and in 2016 will not change. There are countries that what and a lot less crazy if they once per ten decades at the top end – cough. A very solid entry that most likely immediately by the Q-music’s and MNM’s of this world will be picked up.

Fabian Faber: Again a contemporary sound, and a song that perfectly on the radio can. A catchy record and a bunch of Nice backings that the songs just added a higher lifts. This number has a chance to win the great victory?

Sree Lakshmi: This song has everything to be a radio hit in its mars. Even if it is, according to me, not really surprising. Samra, which reminds me a bit to Shakira, goes with her Miracle undoubtedly qualify for the final.

Axel Hirsoux: We do everything in that Miracle of Azerbaijan to believe. The chorus is still hang and the song is good enough to get to the final. But I don’t think we will draw further to Baku next year.

BELGIUM: Laura Tesoro – What’s the Pressure Jelle Banerjee: Oh my god. This should really? We will continue with what we previously wrote about us Lauraatje. A Merry Beth song with a sound that is currently well in the European market. But also rather ordinary. Vocal balances Laura something too often on the brink of the abyss. A little of this, a little of this: a typical Belgian entry so. The final is certainly feasible, also because the Eurovision gods us with the most favourable draw. But further? Oh my god. This should really?

Stijn De Guzman: Since the semifinal at the Eurovision song contest had reached 16 out of 20 acts who last took office were allowed to the final. Laura has so 80% chance to qualify for the grand final and admit, that is what it’s all about, isn’t it? That’s the pressure! As the Spice Girls at the time sang in Spice Up Your Life: all you need is positivity!

Fabian Faber: That Laura an international artist can be, I am sure. She is the international discovery this song festival, I am not convinced. The song is a hit on the radio, but not every two years, we are convinced that we have found the new Sandra Kim ? A good advice to Laura, now lets you see and hear well, put those musical ball ready on the European dot, and staircase that after the Eurovision song contest in with a special penalty song!

Sree Lakshmi: I’ve already heard a lot about the ‘ sound of gently moved to ‘ What’s the Pressure, but anyway, our Laura does one anyway! I’m sure that Laura’s young, fresh and cheerful appearance infectious will work on the big song contest! I estimate the success rate of the funky submission of our own Belgians country quite high in! Axel Hirsoux: Our Laura has it all. She sings well and dances perfectly. They could well be the surprise of this year. We have to be real proud of the artist that represents our country. For her, this is a very great moment and it is important that they feel supported. According to me this is the final. I for one am a fan of Laura and her number. She has my support. GO LAURA!