Eurosong 2016


2 Fabiola musical act at second live show ‘ eurosong 2016 ’

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Pat Krimson and his act at the next live show of Loredana eurosong 2016. That has the attached to 2 Fabiola is likely to bring their monster hit she’s After My Piano during the broadcast.

Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak took care of and expert service in the first live show with his medley for the musical intermezzo of the evening, its successor is so 2 Fabiola. That is to say that singer Tom Helsen, Sunday expert during the live show of eurosong, is not going to occur.

That the choice has fallen on 2 Fabiola, no need to be surprised. P and Loredana in the end were the moral winners of eurosong 2014. They took or the finals, with their song “she’s After My Piano they scored a big hit, where they also received the Radio 2 summer hit for. Eurosong meant besides the relaunch of the group.