Participating songs go in Premiere ‘ eurosong 2016 ’

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Tonight the second stage of Eurovision eurosong 2016, set up by the heat on the Flemish VRT.

It is an important broadcast, because after the covers of last week, the five chosen participants tonight for the first time their attempts at Eurovision songs . It comes to:

  1. Adil A – In Our Nature
  2. Amaryllis Uitterlinden – Kick the Habit
  3. Astrid Decoste – Everybody Aches
  4. Laura Tesoro – What’s the Pressure
  5. Tom Frantzis – I’m Not Lost

The artists get constructive criticism tonight of two singer-songwriters: David Tom Helsen and the in the United States born Beverly Jo Scott, who as a coach in the Walloon version of The Voice talent of Loïc Nagashima discovered.

It is just a presentation of the songs. Nor the viewers at home nor the two experts by tonight, and there is no one votes. The candidates get the opportunity to get some on the basis of the comments to hone their act, so that everything can look just as next week in Stockholm within five months. The evening’s musical act 2 Fabiola, the duo scored a monster hit with that in 2014 she’s After My Piano, a song that then also took part in eurosong.

Peter Van de Veire guides the viewer through the songs as master of ceremonies , directly from the AED studios in Ribbon. The broadcast will start at 20.25 hours on One, both on television and online.